Sunday, 5 February 2017

Chinese New Year

Our story last week from A Year Full of Stories is from China, just in time to look at Chinese new year celebrations, all the children here love the dragons and stories I have collected to read. Two of our favourites are The Runaway Wok and The Magic Paintbrush, they are beautifully illustrated, enjoyed by a mixed age group and raise lots of different questions, should the wok take from the rich man, or is it still stealing. The Magic Paintbrush, is told in verse, the children love the rhyming and again the story brings about many discussions. I googled pictures of Chinese dragons and the children choose one they wanted to base their paintings on, they added fireworks and people enjoying the celebrations.

Drawing of lanterns and people celebrating.

L found a picture of a winged horse which she decided to copy and then made it into a unicorn

She has also been practising her writing, I hadn't planned to do anything involving learning to read and write until she was at least 6 but she has changed my plans and is desperate to learn to read.

Before Christmas I had to make the hard decision with reference to my work, home education and decided that M needed more help and support with her work especially as she wants to take her exams. So with sadness I decided to cut down the days I am working, so I can concentrate more on her needs, this meant I had to give notice to one of my lovely families. So this was their last week with me, so an emotional time, we will hopefully stay in touch, their leaving present was this beautiful bouquet of flowers, they look and smell divine.

I finally stopped procrastinating and did the buttons on the waistcoat, one practise go and decided it was now or never, very thankful they turned out perfectly and looks lovely on the little one it was made for.

Now time to make something simple, so crocheting some bunnies for spring/Easter bunting. Joining Ginny at  Small Things with Yarn Along

 On the reducing our waste front hubby and I are trying out two different shampoo bars, the one I have smells lovely but I was left with really frizzy hair. Having done some research and read that rinsing with water with some apple cider vinegar in it can help, this seems to of reduced the frizz, fingers crossed it carries on working. Not sure what hubby things of his one, he will probably reserve judgement until he has tried it a few times. Hoping this week to have a couple of dry days so we can get outside and start some planting, space has been cleared for the seed trays int he back porch but not got much further as we had rain most of the week. Which has meant some lovely walks and puddle jumping with the littleones.

Leaving you with a little thought to ponder on


  1. I love your quote at the bottom - one I have always tried to teach my children. Like the starfish story.
    Your flowers are beautiful. From reading your blog, you certainly must be a blessing to the families whose children stay with you.
    Love the paintings - The Magic Paintbrush is a favourite story here.
    And your crafting, so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, very like the starfish story, thank you for reminding me, will have to tell it to the children, just wish more people would think that way.

  2. Well done your waistcoat looks amazing! And what gorgeous crotcheted bunnies. Yes must be difficult saying goodbye to children you have childminded for a long time...they feel like part of the family I imagine. You have no doubt made a real difference in the life of that child. Thanks for sharing the quote. It is so true. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I have since somehow deleted them :-(

    1. It is very difficult saying goodbye, the children do become part of the family, it is the downside of the job. I am looking froward to seeing how you rag rug turns out, oops to deleting my comment but it is so easily done, so no worries :)