Monday, 23 January 2017

Frost Painting

 We have been making the most of the cold, frosty mornings here, the joy of finding frozen cobwebs and various patterns that the frost and ice create.

The children decided that the ice on the slide looked like a little ice forest and would the Snow Queen live there.

 They thought this one looked like the feathers from a bird's wing.

They decided to try and draw patterns in the frost but quickly realised it was way too cold to draw with your fingers but a small bucket with some warm water and a couple of paint brushes was a big hit. They spent ages drawing different patterns and seeing what would happen if they drew on some pieces of ice they found, also seeing how long it would take to melt holes int he ice with the water. They have realised that even the coldest water is warmer than the ice.

 Today we made some gingerbread biscuits, some in the shape of snowflakes for them to decorate and then a mixture of shapes and creatures of their choice.

At the weekend I had my first try and no knead bread, made lots of different types of bread over the years but this was very easy, ok the children missed the fun of the kneading but for quick, very tasty bread for the family it is brilliant. Now just made my third lot of loaves, keeps really well in my bread bag, now just to see how it freezes. I used this recipe for Peasants Bread and baked it in two medium sized pyrex bowls. think this will be replacing my normal loaf that I make.

L has taken to her knitting fork really well, she is pleased that she can sit with me and knit too.

Still slowly working through the knitting of the second panel for my blanket but also making a waistcoat for a wedding, for a friend's child, fabric is testing my patience, usually work with cotton rather than something that is very shiny and slippery but it is coming together ok, now just need to pluck up courage to do the button holes.

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  1. That's a good idea using paint brushes and warm water to draw on the frost. Looks like your children had lots of fun! We have been really enjoying Jack Frost's visits lately too. The waistcoat looks great. I can imagine the fabric is very slippery! Well done!

    1. Hi Anna, just had a look at your blog love your version of painting with frost, will have to give that a try.

  2. Oh frost painting is such a clever idea - my little three would love that, especially the littlest who has a very definite outdoor soul! Good luck with the buttons - practice practice and go for it! And if all else fails just buy really enormous buttons and then no one will be able to see the holes!!

    1. Thank you, love the bigger button idea if it fails, still procrastinating, the problem of making something for someone else and for a special occasion means I want it perfect. Frost painting his a huge hit, your 3 would love the only problem we have is waiting for frosty days so we can do it again!