Monday, 12 October 2015

Leaf Wreaths, Matching and Glitter!

The children and I collected up a selection of our Autumn animals, that we have come across in our stories and a few of the conkers we had collected on our walks etc that we have collected, spot the odd one out!

 With the left over leaves from the leave printing, we decided to use them to make a leaf wreath, using a paper plate as our base.

I used this Fall Preschool Pack for the leaf shadow printables, I have one little one who loves to match things, so these are perfect, as it took matching to another level, they keep asking for this activity again and again too.

Now I had some large felt leaves, that I hadn't used, so thought maybe with some glitter added to them might be a good craft activity. They loved it, ended up using all the felt leaves I had left and lots of glue and glitter everywhere. I know I am going to be finding glitter for weeks, mind you we have bonfire night coming up, so more glitter, then Christmas, so maybe that should read months?

They took over a day to dry as there was a lot of glue used

but they look great.

On of my older ones finger knitted a cord for me and we stapled the leaves onto it and have hung them up in the kitchen. Think I might make or buy some Christmas shaped ones and do the same a s Christmas craft.

We have done really well this year with produce from the allotment, this was are harvest from this weekend along with a bucket of potatoes and a bag of apples. So tonight we had rhubarb and apple crumble for pudding and a lunch time they enjoyed freshly grated beetroot and carrot, along with baby sweetcorns, there is something very satisfying about cooking with food you have grown yourself. Tomorrow night I am planning on using some of the pumpkin and courgettes to make a curry, that's the theory anyway!

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