Tuesday, 27 October 2015

More Leaves and Hedgehogs

Last week, the children and I discovered that the lovely large oak tree had shed lots of it's leaves, they had a fantastic time, running through the leaves, jumping in heaps, scraping them into piles, making patterns etc. It has become something they have asked to do everyday since and most days we have managed to do this, it's lovely to hear them giggling. I added to their laughter by making up a rhyme.

Leaves in a bunch
  go crunch
and scrunch
but we don't go munch
 on leaves in a bunch

We then set up our tuff spot with all our Autumn leaves, selection of conkers and all the animals from the stories we have been reading, they built some houses and spent time making the animals stomp and jump through the leaves.

We enjoyed another episode of Come Outside, this time on hedgehogs Come Outside - Hedgehogs and made some bread rolls and shaped them into hedgehogs, they did really well using scissors to snip the bread to create the spines.

I used this lovely cutting out activity from this pack all about fall, lots of careful cutting practise, they then spent time sticking them onto sheets of paper.

I've always found that the children really enjoy any scrape art, so have bought a selection from Baker Ross including these lovely leaf ones. 

 When they had finished they wanted to make them into another garland, while getting out the glue etc, they found some pom poms to add to them.

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