Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Pop Art

Not the sort of pop art you maybe thinking of, my Mum gave me a while ago a load of party popper, which have sat in the back of the cupboard waiting for inspiration to hit. Well it hit during the summer holidays and thanks to a large sheet of sticky back plastic my lot had great fun creating some art. It was great activity for all ages but for the littleones it's fantastic because they can easily stick anything to it

and yes when you fire a party popper at sticky back plastic it does stay there! This stayed up on my patio door for a couple of weeks and the babies loved to keep coming back to it and moving bits around. This will definitely be an activity that I will use with the little ones again and again as they can have all the fun of sticking without having to worry about gluing the pieces first because at this young age they would need someone to remind them and help to put the glue down first, this way they can have all the fun of creating before they reach the stage of co-ordinating their gluing and sticking.

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