Monday, 31 March 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

I had a lovely weekend, hubby wasn't working and glorious weather, couldn't of wanted more, well ok, the lie in, breakfast in bed and some new books to read, made it even better!

Last week with my own and the minded children, we all made Mother's day pictures, which involved a huge amount of giggling as they all have very ticklish feet!! We turned the footprints into butterflies and added a poem for their Mums. My own littlest spent ages after her initial foot printing, painting her own foot and then washing the paint of with a wet flannel and repeating this activity again and again, it was lovely to see.

Over the last couple of weeks, in between the rain and hail, we have been sorting out the tubs in the garden. We now have a mixture of flowers and herbs by the back door, the children are encouraged to smell the herbs etc. They have fallen in love with the dog statue and my own littlest loves to carry it around and I regularly find it in the rabbit cage, there is some toddler logic there.

The daffodils that the children planted in the Autumn, are coming up well, it is lovely to see a splash of yellow in the garden even on a dull day everything looks brighter when you have flowers to look at.

Some of our seeds have come up, all the flower ones but as of yet none of the vegetable ones have made an appearance, hopefully they will soon...

 We spent time up the allotment, clearing the weeds away from the strawberries and replacing some of the strawberry plants that we lost over the winter. There were plenty of ladybirds out and about enjoying the sunshine

and a couple of Tortoiseshell butterflies

After lunch, I had some fun making some Spring window decorations with my girls, I had seen butterflies made before and thought I'd give it a try, it worked really well and then decided to create a Tulip. I'm pleased with the result and will be making some more to decorate the window with. I will add a step by step tutorial, hopefully later in the week. 

We then took a walk along the river, in theory we had hoped to enjoy the sunshine but unfortunately the sun had disappeared and there was a strong breeze but we enjoyed our walk all the same and fed the ducks.

Then home to sit and read lots of stories to my girls, while Daddy cooked a lovely roast dinner.

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