Monday, 15 July 2013

10th Birthday

In our house we celebrate going into double figures as an extra special birthday. So my M turned 10, we had a party, it was a big success and remarkably relaxing, mind you she had planned everything before hand and presented me with a to do list for the day, just in case I forgot anything! Luckily our to do lists were the same, so both happily crossed of our to dos together. So our morning past with very organised birthday prep and I don't think we missed anything out.

She had originally said she wanted a craft party but then couldn't decide what crafts, so when I suggested cake decorating she loved this idea. So she and her friends created her birthday cake.

I was very pleased with how the cake turned out.

I baked 10 butterfly shapes, one for each year of her life, actually I made more than 10 as I thought my minded children would love to decorate some on Monday.

I then iced them all with white icing the night before,

Then I collected up a mixture of edible icing pens, tubes of icing gel and a mixture of sprinkles, so on the party day the girls could all decorate a cake each.

Then all 10 butterflies were arranged on a blue board to represent the sky and a candle was put in each cake, everyone loved the result  and a very happy birthday girl :-)

We also had a lovely birthday tea and some yummy home made bread and for the puddings we had mixed fruit and I made a couple of homemade fruit jellies, couldn't resist a photo, they were lovely and so easy to make.

So a big thank you to all our friends that made her day so special and to my lovely minded children for making today special as well.

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