Friday, 8 March 2013

Mother's Day

We usually make Mother's day cards or pictures and this year I decided rather than the normal drawing and or gluing and sticking, we would create a background with marbled paper. So we set about with the marbling inks, we have a foil tray that I use for this, which is a perfect size and it doesn't matter if the inks stain etc.


 We then left the marbled paper to dry.

When dry, we used it for the background of our design. The children choose, what colour card they wanted for their cards and then the marbled paper was cut smaller than the card so it left a nice border.

When this was dry the children, then used a variety of foam shape, flowers etc to create a pretty picture for their Mum's. I was informed by one child that the Tulip shape piece of foam is a dinosaur footprint not a flower, which is why they are on the side.

Then something completely unrelated but made me giggle today. One of my childminded children unrolled all the loo roll and left a pile of paper in the middle of the bathroom floor, when asked why, reply was " I wanted to use the tube and all that paper was in the way" lol. I love my job and the children's logic is fantastic, you just can't beat it!

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