Monday, 18 March 2013

Of On An Adventure

Today we set of on an adventure, M and I busily prepared the adventure before I picked up minded children from school, we stained some paper with tea and tore round the edges to make it look old. We then made a map of all the places we would visit. I wish I could show you the excitement and enjoyment but you will have to use your imagination! So of on the adventure we go:-

It was long hike to the base camp near the Flower Mountains (well it was really just the walk home from school). We studied the map

and checked we had everything we needed, map, rope to climb with, binoculars, telescope, a compass and of course a backpack to put it all in.

It was a long climb with the rope up Flower Mountain, it was so high the peak was up in the clouds. Honestly that is cloud you can see not a white sheet.                                                                                

At the top of the mountain we checked our map and followed the path to the sand caves, which are very small caves, we had to creep through on our tummies.

From here we had to very carefully make our way across the rickety old rope bridge, it was the only way we could get across the deep ravine.

Then the map said we had to make our way to the Cookie Caves and if we were lucky the Cookie Fairy might of left us a snack.                                                                                                                             

                                                          We were in luck!                                                                                                                                                                                        

After the cookie caves they had to negotiate the Chair Ravine and then the water chute.  We then got to the edge of Crocodile River, luckily  there was a boat for us to row across in, so we could get to the beach ok                                              

because there were crocodiles

                                                      and hippos in the water.

Finally they arrived at the beach and they went digging for treasure!

The children loved this and after we finished the adventure, they decided to do it again and again. I will definitely have to plan another adventure for them as it was very well received and a good, fun way to get lots of physical happening. Now of to think up more adventures as I know they will ask when are we going on the nest one!

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