Saturday, 1 September 2018


Well its been a while since I have posted and we have been busy, another round of hospital appointments, I'm now on the waiting list for a hip replacement and alternating between a yay I will get my life back and oh no help!!! L has been back to see her allergy consultant and after the successful introduction to peanuts, feeding her peanut butter now feels normal, it took a couple of weeks to stop watching for a reaction I can tell you! Anyway skin prick tests look good for nuts, have had blood tests, if they come back negative we can go for a nut food challenge too, if she passes that, oh wow life will really change for her and us, well around food anyway. Editing to add I now have a surgery date the 12th September, only have 12 days notice,pre op on Monday, so will be a while before I blog again.

L and I are working our way through our planned summer reading, we bought a mixture of books for her birthday, so plenty to choose from. She is loving The Wombles, think we will be reading the rest of the series, she adores how they tidy up everyone's rubbish and reuses it. Giggled through the first of the Worst Witch Series, goes without saying she loved the next couple of secret seven. We've also read the first of the Harry Potter books, she's been desperate to add these to her bedtime story pile. I say bedtime but we read not only at bedtime  but throughout the day to, depending on what we are doing.

I am determined to work through the pile of books by my bed and those queued on my kindle before I have surgery. Ended up reading the Elly Griffiths books back to back, as there was a twist in the plot that meant I just had to read the next one straight away, can't wait for the next one in the series to come out next year. Also reading Sapiens, well worth a read, its well written and informative, without being too heavy, loving the comparisons to modern day tribes, the various theories on how myths,legend and religion started.

Max is doing well, has now been neutered and is enjoying exploring the garden, he has yet to attempt to leave the garden, much to the relief of his youngest owner. Will add that the kitten didn't listen to the vet when we picked him up after his op. Keep the lampshade collar on for at least 24 hours, by the time we made the short journey home in the car, he had got one paw through and stuck, unhooked paw but 15 minutes later he had it of. As to the bit where they said he would be very sleepy for the rest of the day, oh boy he was the complete opposite, he was hyper, finally crashed at midnight and woke at 5am still hyper, lunch time he finally slept and woke back to normal!

L is enjoying the sassafras zoology, we had chapter on a Canadian farm, had fun creating our own small world farm.

We then had friends come and visit and they had an amazing time creating different bases for all the animals to live in.

We have also spent time looking at ancient Sumer and the use of cuneiform and trying to make our own clay tablets, writing on paper is a lot easier!

Now along with the hip issue, I also managed to compress a nerve in my wrist, resulting in painful wrist and pins and needles/numbness in little finger and ring finger. Physio has helped but he wants me to rest, as in lay of the knitting for a while, to let everything settle down. So have been busy working through my fabric stash, made two geranium tops,one for L and one for a friend's granddaughter.

Fell in love with Nanoo bibiana skirt, L wants another one in a large pink gingham print I have.


  1. well, boo about a hip surgery but if it helps you in the end, then Yay! I hope you get the surgery sooner than later. Bummer about the pinched nerve - I hope it resolves quickly so you can get back to regular crafting life.

    1. I could of done without the pinched nerve,physio has been great,now have feeling back but he has suggested no knitting for a while or any other constant repetitive movement to give my wrist a rest, especially as I will be on crutches for a while too. Surgery is the 12th September,not long now, as long as they don't cancel it last minute!!

  2. Ah you are back! But sadly only briefly. Good to catch up on all your news and see what you have been up to. I have had a blogging break too for a while. Tricky to get back in the habit I am finding but I really want to record our lives/write my thoughts down. Have started journaling privately so at least am writing and expect I will get back to it. Wishing you a really successful op and swift recovery. Shall send you healing thoughts. Take care and also sorry to hear about your trapped nerve. Very frustrating. Sending a big get well wish

    1. Brief post before op, hoping hip will give new lease of life and go back to regularly posting, I am missing your lovely posts but so know what you mean about getting out of the habit. Thank you for the healing vibes, will post an update on my op as soon as I am with it enough to be coherent enough to write something lol. Hoping you have had a lovely summer with your girls :)