Wednesday, 18 April 2018


I have this plan to blog at least every Sunday but then life never quite goes how you plan it, does it? So this is a bit of busy post covering some of our activities and outings over the last couple of weeks.

 L had her orthopedics appointment, have to say the consultant was wonderful, great with children. We were shown into the consulting room and had to wait for the consultant, so we carried on reading a story, he came in,introduced himself and asked if he could listen to the story. After a couple of sentence he asked her a couple of questions and then could he have a look  at her toys feet and legs, putting L completely at ease by the time he examined her, couldn't of wanted a better appointment. Anyway the outcome of the appointment was confirming my suspicions of flat feet and hyper mobility, as they aren't causing her pain or stiffness at the moment, just some occasional discomfort and annoyance at her bendy ankles as they make her a bit wobbly, they won't do any treatment, just something to be aware of. I've had a date throughh for my next appointment for my drug allergy, unfortunately its not till January next year, hoping they will have all the answers then if not this could take years to sort out what medicines and anesthetics I can use safely. Feeling somewhat frustrated at the long waits, very aware that adult allergy services in this country are few and far between and those dealing with drug allergies are even rarer but it does mean real delays in treatment and even surgery. Anyway back to happier things, we are of to view kittens tonight so hoping they are ok and we can have new pets in a couple of weeks, I have very excited children here to say the least, the girls are counting down the hours till we see them! In trying to distract them we have been having fun making different paper aeroplanes and looking at how we can alter their flight path. Different size paper spinners and seeing which ones, spin better,how size and different materials affects what happens.

 We also made a tissue paper parachute, much to everyone's amazement it really worked even if it did have a few cliff crashes, aka the chair we stood on to launch the parachute.

Demonstrating jet propulsion with a balloon and a straw, which we repeated again and again, amazed the balloon didn't pop! L thought it was very funny watching the balloon whizz along the string.

Hubby had a Friday of work, the original plan was to do some jobs round the house, not urgent ones luckily but as the day was so sunny we decided on day trip out to Beale Park. Lots of animals and birds for the girls to see, otters and meerkats being their favourite, also had a train ride round the park.


 We watched the otters for ages and came back to see them a couple of times, they are so wonderful to watch and love their faces.

Hellebore in the Japanese garden at Beale park were stunning.

 I have only just started reading Jane Goodall's a Reason For Hope, she writes in such a lovely way you just want to keep on reading, at the moment she is talking about her childhood, the time when Jane was little and took a handful of worms to bed to study and her Mum patiently explaining that they needed dirt and wouldn't survive in her bed! There are several other stories of similar incidences and then she writes about how she was so lucky to grow up in a household with a mother wise enough to provide nurture and encourage her passions, that children should always try their best, that she didn't stifle Jane's passion or indulge in senseless discipline. Her mother understood the importance of discipline but she always explained why some things aren't allowed etc, she was fair and consistent. You can see how her passion was there from such a young age and how her family supported and encouraged her, a remarkable story. On a knitting front, I have 3 works in progress, 2 baby cardigans and top for L, finished of this little cardi sirdar 1325, hadn't realised that what I thought was a plain pattern stripe between the lace was actually every stitch knitted through the back of it, gives the plain knitting more definition, not sure if the photo shows it that clearly.

Some photos of walk we had when M was at her gymnastics class, these are all taken by L, I let her have my small camera and she had a lovely time taking photos of her choice. Its great to get home and load up the photos not really having a clue what they will be like or exactly of what.


  1. beautiful photos of you enjoying your nature :) I loved the animal ones especially. Your sweater is lovely and so pink :) :)

    1. Thank you, we've had some lovely times outdoors, my friend's request was very pink and girly, so think the cardi meets that brief :)

  2. hi Helen, just read your post - better late than never! Sounds like you might have kittens!!! Hope it worked and they are settling in well :-) That really is a long wait for your allergy testing, especially if you would like to have your hip operation in the not too distant future. Frustrating for you. I like all the things you did with flight - must try that balloon one. Sounds like fun! We have quite a few balloons in as it's my husband's birthday tomorrow so may have to do that soon :-) The book sounds lovely. I never seem to get any time to read for pleasure at the moment :-( Hope you are all keeping well and you are having some sunny days. It was freezing yesterday but sunny again today - crazy weather! L's photos are great!

    1. Kitten has arrived and will post some photos soon. It is a very long wait and is is causing a few issues with health and treatment, happy belated happy birthday to your husband. The balloon and straw project is good, we have also been making balloon powered cars. I am enjoying the book, you must be so busy with your studies that reading for pleasure is something that will have to wait.