Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Caterpillars and Flowers

We have had a busy but lovely weekend, O had his 18th birthday do, it's interesting catering for multiple allergies but managed a lovely spread that was, nut, legume, soy, dairy, egg, sesame, banana and melon free. The lemon and blueberry muffins from this book Allergy Proof Recipes For Kids are amazing and make a fantastic plain cake too, think I will use this one from now on, instead of the war time one I had been using, as it keeps so well and isn't crumbly.

We have also managed to spend time gardening and up the allotment, pruned back our fake cherry tree, ended up only doing half a job as I discovered loads of caterpillars on it. L and co really enjoyed watching them yesterday morning, she has been out every day to check on them. Really looking forward to watching them grow and hoping they make their pupas there, it will be wonderful for the children to see, especially as I am planning on doing a theme on life cycles.

Yesterday morning we had a walk to our allotment, mainly to collect some flowers, as one of my little ones had brought their flower press. We looked at the apple blossom and

the blueberries have lots of flowers too, hoping that means lots of fruit later in the year.

L was really pleased to find more ladybirds, when we got home I decided to order the ladybird kit from Insect Lore as it will be great for them to see them go from eggs through adult ladybirds.

We collected flowers on our way home and in our garden to add to the ones we picked at the allotment. We also have a flower press so L was able to press some flowers to keep here.

Now they have to patiently wait a for a couple of weeks for the flowers to dry. L has asked several times if they are ready yet.

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