Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Birds and Nature Walk

We have been very lucky over the last few weeks to see a couple of birds nest, one was an old one than had fallen out of the tree and the other was one was found by a neighbour in their hedge. It was fantastic to see a robins nest up close, it is amazing how they put it all together and shape it, do google robin's nest to see what I mean. They were interested to see the different ways they had been constructed, one was mainly sticks and the other was a mixture of moss and grass intricately woven together. This brought up lots of questions about the different types of nest that bird's build. We have enjoyed reading A Nest is Noisy which is beautifully illustrated book with lots of different nest and not just birds nests. I had also saved an article on bird's nests from a National Geographic magazine for the children to look at.

 On our walks we had been collecting bits and pieces and talking about how birds might use some of them to build a nest with. We then used a paper plate and they used these different pieces, plus some hay, moss and string to make a nest, they cut out a couple of pictures of birds we had seen in the garden to go with their nests. L wanted eggs in her nest, so she tried to roll up some tissue paper to make eggs, this caused lots of giggling as it wasn't as easy as she thought it would be.

On yesterdays walk we came home a different way and L found lots of different types of grasses, she was fascinated by all the different types. So we collected a few different pieces to show her friends and also to try and work out what they are all called.

Other books we have read
and we watched this clip on a chick hatching 

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