Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Spring Display

I'm not sure who had more fun creating our spring display, I know one thing though, I love walking into the kitchen every morning to be greeted by this very cheerful display.

What a better way to create a pretty rainbow but with hand prints.

We used lollipop sticks to create some pretty dragon flies

 Our spring pictures came from twinkl.

I used large colourful lollipops for the dragonflies, which I glued together the night before.

 First they stuck some eyes on them.

Then let the children enjoy sticking lots of little gems on them to decorate.

We had been given a ladybird making kit, which comprised of a polystyrene shape for the body, which they covered in glue and tissue paper.

Painted some black spots on them.

 Stuck a face on and some eys and then I did the fiddly bit with the pipe cleaner, 2 very cute ladybirds.

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