Friday, 29 May 2015

Now What To Do With All That Rice

Having had lots of fun with all that rice play, I decided to create a fairy land for the children to play with, especially as I have a couple of little girls who love fairies.

Their reaction in the morning was lovely and they enjoyed playing with it. My eldest daughter then set it up again for the next day, adding some of her dolls to the land.

Now one of Mums asked what would happen if I cooked the rice would the food colouring stay put or leach out. So that got us thinking and we decided to cook some of the dyed rice. Not that I would want to eat it after they had been playing with it and all that colouring on it as well! Anyway the answer to the question is the dye leaches out during cooking and you end up with white rice again, or at least we did with the food colouring we used.

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