Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Paper decorations

Our first craft in our advent calendar was to make paper star decorations, so this is the first one we made, it is called a Finnish Star.

You will need to cut 12 strips of paper mine were roughly 12mm by 22cm, they don't need to be perfectly cut for it work.

Fold 2 strips in half, so you have a centre point.

Unfold and glue together

Then take the other 4 strips and weave them as shown in the next 2 photos and glue each strip in place.

Then repeat so you have 2 crosses made of 6 strips of paper each.

 Then take 2 corner strips, twist them and glue them in place,

repeat this in the other 3 corners, so you crosses should look like those below, hopefully.

Now lay to the 2 shapes on top of each other


and match up one twisted corner from one shape with the straight piece of the other shape and glue together.

When you have finished gluing, you can carefully cut each corner to a point, as below.

Then I take a needle and cotton, to piece a small hole in the paper and make a hanging loop with the cotton.

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