Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Jackson Pollock and The Secret Garden

Not Jackson Pollack and The secret Garden together, though thinking about it now that could of produced some lovely artwork!

Our weekly art group's theme this week was Jackson Pollock, L loves his artwork and enjoys painting in his style. The first few paintings were done at the art table,


they then cleared the floor and put down some large sheets of paper (poster size) and let the children paint there, the finished piece is huge!

We have been looking at the different biomes in our Monday group and they put together a mini lapbook, they rather loved the penguin drawing using a number 8 as the base, so we used their favourite ones to decorate their lapbooks.

One of my favourite childhood books is The secret Garden, ok one of many childhood favourites! I thought it would be a lovely one to share and create some beautiful art work to go along with it. As the story starts in India and talks lots about the heat, we used some chalk pastels to create sunsets, all but my own child who decided she would prefer to draw a cactus dessert.

We looked up India in our illustrated Maps book and they saw the peacocks, so again using chalk pastels they drew some peacock feathers.

Using this simple guide on how to draw a peacock, they drew their own ones.

With the story now taking us to the journey across the moors with the wind and the rain. I thought using pencils to create trees was a lovely way to try out different materials and also to show the contrast between the bright colourful start to the book and now the drab, dulling setting we were now travelling through in this chapter.

Then to contrast again, watercolours to show the secret garden coming alive and of course the robin that helped Mary to find the garden.

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