Sunday, 28 January 2018

A Good Week

Last week we had small amount of snow and L managed to make the tiniest of snowmen on her own, perfect timing as we had been reading the Secret Seven when they make loads of snowmen in field and she has been really wanting to make one. My car passed its MOT, huge sigh of relief, adivsory was it needs some welding but my neighbour up the road says he can sort that out and as the car is getting older, he will put some sealant along to reduce the chance of more rust, so I am happy. The only downside this week is I have come down with a cold, tomorrow I am of to the hospital for some allergy testing, I've waited 7 months for this appointment and really worrying that they will say I am not well enough for the challenge. This is all down to the fact that when I had my last steroid injection I had a rather bad allergic reaction, we are assuming to some ingredient in the injection, so before I have anymore hospital treatment, I need to find out what I am allergic too, so fingers are crossed I will be ok.

M is now working very hard at her maths and has added in some more revision, I know she is struggling and will for various reasons find the exam setting hard, but she will of definitely tried her best and we have a few months to go yet. O has been told his maths grades are great, distinctions all the way, so he won't need to continue the maths part of his access course as he knows what he is doing, so proud Mum moment. L has learnt how to do the o'clocks and loves to set her clock and calendar most mornings, some days we forget but if we are doing some table phonics or maths work then she does her calendar as it is next to where she sits.

This week we spent some time looking at the UK in our book of Maps and I found some Uk flags on Twinkl. I then ended up printing out various flags from around the world for her to colour in while listening to the CD of Faraway Tree.

M and I have been watching A House Through Time fascinating is one word to say about it, the residents of the house were very varied and interesting, I love the fact that he follows up on their lives after they leave the house and move on. One of those programs that could spark many history projects. Can't wait to watch more, we are part the way through episode 3.

L.S. Lowry was one of the artists mentioned on in our Maps book, so we have been looking at some of his art work. I had a calendar I had saved with some of his paintings and L has loved choosing different ones to copy, fascinated with the different facial expressions and scenery.

Lots of jigsaws have been made this week, my minded one loves the peg board ones and does really well with them, must sort out the first jigsaws I have. She has enjoyed chatting with L about all the animals on Ls puzzles.

More colouring and story telling.

At the moment L is loving tales from these Enid Blyton nature books as well as listening to The Cherry Tree Farm, I am sure I read this as a child but haven't read it to my older children, so thoroughly enjoying rediscovering the story and loving the way Blyton manages to drop in some many animal facts within the story.

L has been busy with the rainbow archers and had a great time building a house for all her figures.

On a knitting front, 20 repeats done only another 10 to go, hoping to have it finished by next weekend, or at least that is the goal I have set myself.

Thank you Anna for your post on the Snow Bears documentary, L and I have enjoyed watching it.

As life is being more chaotic than peaceful, I think I am going to go with this quote :)

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  1. whenever I read your posts I miss having little children :) I'm lucky I get to babysit a toddler to get my littler person fix. That wee snowman is the cutest ever!!

    1. Babysitting is the next best thing to having your own little ones around, love hearing about the little one you look after :)

  2. Wow that blanket looks amazing! Very well done Helen! Glad you enjoyed the documentary. I saw it had been extended til 3rd Feb. I love what your daughter has set up with the rainbow arches. Sounds like a positive week with your son and the MOT. I have a cold too. Hope you can still do your allergy testing but the cold will give you an immune response so may be wouldn't be clear enough? What are you taking steroids for? Have you tried anti inflammatory herbs? Or homeopathy? I have heard good results with inflammation and pain with no side effects or you can take them alongside your other meds in the meantime? Just a thought. Lucky you having snow, albeit a tiny bit. I don't think we will get any at this rate! 🙁 Hope you feel better soon. ❤️

    1. Allergy testing went ahead, will write about it all later in the week. I have arthritis and my right hip is bone on bone in places,so the steroid injection was to reduce pain.I am taking turmeric and now trailing apple cider vinegar that if nothing else has reduced the side affect from the pain killers I am taking. Any recommendations or links greatly received, you know me happy to try natural alternatives :) There is still time for snow, you might be lucky and get a little at some point.