Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Day of the Dead

We've been looking at the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) and the various traditions behind it, the similarities and differences with Halloween and All Souls day. We decorated some paper versions of the sugar skulls, the girls are fascinated with these and love colouring them in, they did the same last year and

painted some cardboard rolls and then used black markers to decorate those with similar imagery as the sugar skulls we had been looking at.

Night time silhouette of an Autumn tree.

Can you spot the owl in L's picture?

We've had loads of beautiful spiders webs in the garden, tried to capture a couple.

On a crafting front I have finished the back of the pink dress and made a good start on the front, only knitted a couple of rows of the blue jumper but have started another project,  will write about that in a moment. I bought E Nightlights a lovely story book, only criticism is the stories are a bit too short for my liking but great for an imaginative, chatty child like L who is adding extra bits to it as we go.

 Sorted through my craft bags and found some wool that I had bought to make L a cardi but then thought I would look for something different and came across the Odila cape pullover perfect for her and just enough wool, well in theory a perfect amount will have to wait and see!

Finally got round to drying some of my herbs,been planning on doing this all summer but not got round to it, we have bay leaves, marjoram, rosemary and sage.

Joining Kat for unraveled Wednesday.


  1. I like those Day of the Dead Skull pictures. Fascinating somehow! Lovely photos of spiders webs. My camera is totally out of focus, I couldn't get any, but am enjoying yours :-) - such works of art! Yes spotted the owl! - lovely pictures! You have been busy with your knitting - dress looks pretty and I like the look of the cosy jumper you are making in purple. Lovely work Helen as always!

  2. There is something fascinating about the skull art. It is a struggle to get spider web photos, I normally find my camera is too busy trying to focus on something behind the web and not what I am looking at!