Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Learning To Write

I know I have written about L wanting to read and trying very hard, even though I would happily have left it till she was older and how she enjoys trying to write but we have discovered she has a tendency to reverse her letters. Not a problem as such and lots of children do it but she notices as soon as she has done it is wrong but the harder she tries the worse the reversing gets and she gets annoyed with herself. This is something that we noticed in speech therapy too, the harder she tries the worse it can get, it is better to let her have a couple of attempts and then leave her for a few days and come back to it, rather than doing daily practise. So I have been working on fun activities to help her, like writing in sand, drawing them on peoples backs using her finger, we are working our way through the alphabet, so work on the new letter and review the letters we have already done. I read SLOAH's post on using rice instead of sand for the writing trays, I thought I would give I a try, nothing like a new medium to spark interest and it has been well received.

We made bread rolls in the shapes of letters and some we decorated with seeds to write out the letters and a happy smiley face.

Monday we enjoyed making letters using play dough, have beads that we could add to write out the letters in the play dough like we did in the bread dough.

L even tried to write out some words she has learnt and then went and wrote some of them down on a piece of paper. Followed by "Mummy I can't believe I can actually write real words" one very happy L.

L has been talking lots about the changing seasons, so she drew what happened each seasons. So in summer there are lots of flowers and she can have the paddling pool out, Autumn all the trees loose their leaves, winter Father Christmas and Rudolf and Spring we water our new flowers that are growing.

A good friend sent me this link to make cats out of cardboard rolls, L loved the look of them and we so far have 3 stuck together, waiting for the paint to dry, to start the next stage.

Tuesday morning we spent at the allotment and harvested another bucketful of carrots, the last of the beans and some peas. Have very happy rabbits, they love the carrot tops to say the least, nearly as much as they love the vine leaves of my grape vines! The afternoon spent at the park with lots of other home educators, lovely to catch up with everyone.

This afternoon, some fun watching dancing raisins, you need raisins and carbonated water, or some sort of fizzy clear drink. An object that is denser than water and has a rough surface,  like a raisin, allows for the bubbles of gas (carbon dioxide) to stick to the raisins and makes it buoyant and the raisin rises up, the bubbles then pop and the raisin sinks again.

Realised I haven't shared our menu planning for a few weeks, so here is this weeks meal plan.

Sunday - Roast dinner

Monday -  cold meat, pasta and vegetable sauce

Tuesday -  shepherds pie or vegetarian shepherdess pi

Wednesday - left over shepherds pie

Thursday -  ratatouille

Friday - macaroni cheese with spinach

Saturday - beef burgers or aubergine and kidney bean burgers, home made wedges and veg

Shepherdess Pie
1 courgette chopped
1 leek chopped (or use an onion)
2 carrots diced
125g mushrooms, chopped
2 cloves garlic chopped
60g red lentils
60g green lentils
225g can chopped tomatoes
450ml water
1 bay leaf
5ml mixed herbs
 25ml brown sauce
200g can baked beans
900g potatoes peeled and chopped
25g grated cheese
  1. Put the potatoes on to boil, once cooked mash and add the cheese.
  2. While potatoes are cooking, heat oil in a large saucepan, add courgette, leek, carrots, mushrooms, garlic fry for 10 minutes.
  3. Add mixed herbs, bay leaf, lentils, tinned tomatoes and 450ml water, bring to the boil and simmer for 30 minutes.
  4.  Add the brown sauce and baked beans and cook for 5 minutes
  5. Remove bay leaf and spoon into a dish, cover with mash potato bake in the oven for about 30 minutes, until the potato is crispy

On a crafting front have crocheted some more leaves to go on our autumn nature display, have plans for knitted acorns, toadstools etc.

Toadstool in the making, shouldn't take too long!

Embroidery is coming along slowly but least you can see the kitten appearing, even if it does look a little bit skeletal at the moment. Reading Unplug Your Kids making interesting reading but will wait till I have read more before I write a lot about it.


  1. Love your gentle but proactive approach to your daughters writing. Always good to let things sit for a few days if there are struggles. The brain can assimilate it better on down time. Lots of good ideas there. I love your crotcheted leaves. Do you have a link for the pattern? I am such a novice at crochet except for granny squares but a friend could help or for next year! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The knitted toadstool is going to be lovely and the cross stitch of course. Your nature table looks so pretty. Are those little folk from Myriad? They look familiar- I am just about to do an order with their October offer so is fresh in my mind๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you and yes sometimes just leaving things for a while just means things click into place, L is loving this approach and is now happily writing some words, with the letters all the right way, one happy Mum and little girl. Crocheted leaves were from a you tube video Yes the little wooden folk are from Myriad,bought the little tray of them, colours for every season as well as lovely to play with.

  2. Had to read your recipe ingredients twice before I realised it was a vegetarian version. Not seen a recipe for this before. Must give it a go. Thank you for sharing. I love crochet and knitted seasonal crafts. You've reminded me that I planned to knit some leaves. I'm sure L will soon sort out the direction of letters with these wonderful methods. My middle one used to do the same. I always put it down to her being left handed.

    1. Lol yes its vegetarian shepherds pie, maybe I should add that bit so not to confuse other people. L is definitely getting there now with her letter and loving the different mediums we are working in, look forward to seeing your knitted leaves.

  3. beautiful cross stitching. I think you are the best mom ever with all the tactile ways you are teaching. I'm giving the veg burger a look see now :)

    1. Thank you, try and vary my teaching and make sure it works well for each child, the veg burgers, freeze well too.