Thursday, 21 September 2017


We had our annual not back to school picnic, can't believe how  lucky we were with the weather, having had mainly rain, overcast weather all week. Friday saw sunshine, a bit chilly when the sun went behind the clouds but otherwise a lovely time, only a few of us, as I think the threat of rain put many of. Rain did not strike until we were nearly home, luckily we were in the car as it was torrential!

This week we have had a wet walk through the woods, in between showers there was some sunshine and spotted one red admiral sunning itself.

L enjoying a walk through the stream.

At our allotment entrance one of the plot holder has planted loads of sunflowers, they look stunning and such a warm greeting as you come into the car park.

Our blue moon apple tree has done well again, it produces loads of apples especially considering it is a column tree, really hope we can get another one.

Right at this moment I can't remember the name of our other apple tree but they are lovely to and love the contrast in colours from the purple red to the pinkish red.

We have loads of marrows again this year

and a nice selection of butternut squash.

We were looking at apples and what happens to them if they are left out in the air and then what would happen, if you put them in different liquids. L enjoyed cutting up the apples and then drawing pictures in her journal.

On our walks we have collected a selection of conkers (great for doing sums with) and lots of leaves, so we had a morning leaf rubbing, really must remember to take crayons and paper with us to do some bark rubbing. L has also been adding lots of animal drawings to her journal and adding different facts that she knows about the animals.

Snap dragons are flowering well.

 and my nicotiana are also out in flower.

On a crafting front, slowly knitting a jumper for a one year old, all in 4 ply so not the quickest knit going. Dressmaking was going well until I managed to muck up the neckline, when I added the bias binding, it has stretched horribly on one side, to make it worse the other side is perfect! So slowly unpicking it all and back to the drawing board with it.


  1. our weather is so hot and yucky. But I'm biased because I love fall! I smiled when I read about your not back to school picnic. Fun! lovely photos as always :)

    1. Autumn is lovely but do prefer the warmer weather. Not back to school picnic seem to be becoming a bit of tradition in the home ed community here.

  2. Lovely early autumn/harvest photos - looks like you are getting lots of lovely produce. I saw several red admirals the other day whilst out on a walk all over ivy flowers. What a treat! Sorry your dressmaking is a bit frustrating right now. You will get back on track soon no doubt. Necklines are so fiddly sometimes. Don't forget the crayons and paper for your bark rubbings :-)

    1. After all the wet weather we have had it has been lovely to see so much fruit and veg have survived, L keeps asking for an outdoor apple, rather than the shop bought ones :) Have filed the dressmaking for the last few days, will come back to it when I am ready. butterflies are always a wonderful sight aren't they, well ok maybe not the ones hovering around my cabbages but most are.