Monday, 6 April 2015


Our planning and some of the activities we enjoyed for our spring theme.

Some of the books we enjoyed. we enjoyed looking at and talking about the pictures in Spring by Gerda Muller, I think our favourite story is Ferdie's springtime Blossom.

I love the coming of spring, watching the natural world around us waking up but I especially love blossom, there is something particularly beautiful when trees produce their flowers. This year the children and I took several walks and we photographed their favourite trees.

The children love standing under this tree, especially if there is a breeze that means the blossom gently falls to the ground. One of my little ones calls this "blossom snow", which I thought was beautiful phrase and describes the feelings and excitement the children had, as they stood under the tree as it snowed.

Having spent time looking at the different colours etc of blossom, I thought it would be a lovely idea to use finger paints to recreate the blossom. G and I painted the tree trunk and branches and then the children choose the colours and mixed some of the pinks and whites to get different shades of pink. They had great fun painting and talking about the different trees they saw.

The older ones had fun trying to build nests, we had one little tiny nest made with dried grass and moss and another interesting on made out of leaves and sticks.


Our sensory rice garden can be found here

Another idea to add to my spring planning for next year printing flowers using the inner rolls of kitchen rolls etc, very effective.

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