Monday, 13 January 2014


For our theme for the new year, we'll be looking at winter, winter animals, sports, clothing and of course snow!

The night before I spent time converting my dining room table to an interesting snow cave, I also had some glow sticks for them to use. They loved, spending a fair amount of time in the cave, reading stories and playing games with the soft toys.

We used some puffy paint -  shaving foam and pva glue to make some snow/snowmen pictures.

They used the snowman match up game from the Montessori Print Shop, to play a solo game of  matching pairs

and then we played a group game of matching pairs.

Made some delicious, gingerbread snowflakes which they decorated with white icing.

We painted snow storms, using masking tape and snowflakes we had cut out,



then painted over them


once the paint was dry, I removed the masking tape etc to reveal the snow pictures.



Our Winter Display

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