Monday, 9 September 2013

Number Activity Box

While I've been enjoying a couple of weeks holiday, I have been busy planning for next term and now have several themes planned that I can dip into. I have also been busy sewing and making a number box.

The children are loving the rag numbers, sequencing and making up different numbers has become a real fun activity.

We even made a washing line to peg them onto.

I've made up some different peg cards for the little ones to use, 2 different levels depending on where they are. Peg cards are brilliant as not only are the children able to have fun while counting and playing with the pegs, they are learning how to manipulate and use the pegs and developing their muscles in their hands which will help with writing later on.

I also made up some laminated numbers as well and we can use them as a matching game with the rag numbers or a colour matching game with the shapes.

I have also made up several number song cards,

and some shape cards, that we can use for counting sides, colour recognition / matching games etc, I love it when I can make a resource that will be able to be used in more than one way. Not only are we learning numbers etc in a fun way, we have lots of opportunities for language as well

As the rag numbers went down so well ( I've actually made and sold some more sets), I thought I would make middle one some felt fraction manipulatives, haven't finished them yet but here's a photo of them, hoping they will help her understand fractions easier.

My poor husband was getting rather excited as he saw my stash of fabric going down, that was until Middle one and I had a trip to the fabric shop to replace what  I had used and came back with even more, oops!

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