Thursday, 30 May 2013

No Mess Painting

I've seen no mess painting on other blogs and thought we would give it a go but they have always used a ziploc bag. We didn't have any of these and the only freezer bags we have are either blue or green in colour. I didn't feel they would work so well as the coloured bag would distort the colours of the paints. So I set about with a cardboard box and cling film. I tightly wrapped the cardboard in clingfilm.

The poured on the paint and tightly wrapped the paint and cardboard in another layer of cling film.

Now my first attempt was ok and you can see how much paint we used but quickly realised that you needed a lot more paint than I originally thought.

So for my second attempt we used three times the amount of paint, which worked a lot better. Our youngest one really enjoyed the experience

and they were very quickly joined by the other children.

I have been able to reuse the base as it was so well wrapped in clingfilm, that when I carefully remove the outer layer all I need to do is wash the paint of, leave to dry and then we are ready for another go.

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